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Vine St. From Santa Monica to Melrose (towards El Centro), has a pocket of 7 alleys which need attention. This area has been recognized to have a disadvantage and low income community, with a high economic need indicator, a high Hispanic  population,. This area has a residential mix, some renters have been going through a gentrification process, and it is out of the boundaries of the Business Improvement District BID, which ends at Vine - across the street. There are schools in the proximities.

These alleys offer a great potential to become Vibrant Urban Life Areas as they are in many different places like Seattle, Europe, etc.
Walkability, Culture, Education, Economy, Community Pride and Community Life, are our focus.

Phase # 1: Cleaning up the alleys. This phase has already started
Phase # 2: Murals. 
Phase# 3: Monthly Inca Market in a proximity area
Phase# 4: Adding some green areas, art, sport, educational and cultural activities, like a mini soccer game, used books' trading, art exhibits, mini concerts, etc.

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2 alley
4 alley
7 alley
11 alley
12 alley
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