Peru  Village  L.A's tribute to
Yma  Sumac
on  the 100th  Anniversary  of  her  birth

September 13th, 2022  Hollywood Forever Cemetery
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Peru Village L.A. will pay tribute in Los Angeles to the 100 year anniversary of the birth of Yma Sumac

The celebrations include the unveiling of a bust, a commemorative stamp, a parade.

LOS ANGELES, USA. The non-profit organization Peru Village Los Angeles (PVLA) in Hollywood will carry out a great program in September 2022 to commemorate the centenary of the birth of the famous Peruvian-American singer Yma Sumac ( 1922-2008). It is in the city of Los Angeles where the renowned soprano developed the most important stage of her artistic career, where she lived most of her life until the end of her days, where she was buried, and where she is continually visited by her admirers, remaining forever in force. 

The commemorative week in Los Angeles in honor of Yma Sumac will take place from September 11 to 18, 2022.

Zoila Emperatriz Chávarri del Castillo, original name of the famous singer who dazzled the world with her beauty and her majestic voice with a register close to five octaves, was born in Peru on September 13, 1922 and died in Los Angeles on November 1, 2008. Yma Sumac is an icon for the migrant woman who goes in search of her dreams and reaches the top of her career in an environment as competitive as Hollywood, at a time when the world was just beginning to come to terms with agreement on women's rights, and in an environment where, as a Latina, she belonged to minorities twice. Yma Sumac knew how to carry her ancient roots with great pride, becoming the legend of the "Inca Princess"; being crowned queen of exotic music with more than 40 million records sold, and being immortalized in the streets of this cosmopolitan city with a star on the walk of fame located on the corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Wilcox Ave.


Yma Sumac's path to fame includes, in addition to her emblematic albums recorded on Capitol Records, concerts on the best stages in the world, participation in several films, the most famous being "The Secret of the Incas" which was filmed in Machu Picchu, Peru by Paramount Pictures with Charlton Heston, a film that is considered a precursor to "Indiana Jones", among many other achievements.

Yma Sumac arrived in Los Angeles in 1950. Her story as a migrant woman also had troubles; being a star she went through infidelity, scandal, divorce and the rejection and misunderstanding of her compatriots when she became a US citizen in the 1950s. Despite everything, Yma Sumac never gave up, and continued to reap triumphs in the world. Time would put things in their place. Yma Sumac, prodigal daughter of Peru, returned in 2006 to receive the highest award that the country grants to its citizens abroad, "The Order of the Sun", closing the circle of her long career with the radiance of the “Taita Inti” star. Two years later, Yma Sumac passed away in Los Angeles and was buried in the "Hollywood Forever" cemetery in a crypt where, 100 years after her birth, Peru Village L.A. will bring a sculpture work of art, made by another successful immigrant, as a birthday present. The French-Peruvian artist Martin Espinoza Grajeda is sculpting a bust of Yma Sumac valued at €25,000 euros. Espinoza Grajeda will be donating to Peru Village L.A. this valuable work of art, and PVLA has seen fit to donate it to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, to be permanently displayed at the Yma Sumac crypt entrance. It should be noted that the Hollywood Forever Cemetery is a tourist spot on the map of the city of Los Angeles, which carries out various cultural activities throughout the year in its gardens and rooms, where thousands of people come to enjoy movies, concerts , etc.


Martin Espinoza Grajeda will travel from France to Los Angeles bringing his sculpture to be unveiled at an official ceremony on September 13 at Hollywood Forever. Peru Village L.A. is working, together with those responsible for the cemetery, on the possibility of presenting the film "The Secret of the Incas" on the same day, and offering exquisite Peruvian gastronomy including Pisco Sour, Peru's national drink that Charlton Heston and others actors enjoy in the historical film, in order to be able to unite the past and the present through the magic of cinema in an eternal toast for the 100 years of the arrival in this world of the monumental Yma Sumac.

Likewise, Peru Village L.A. managed the approval of the Peruvian Postal Service (SERPOST) for the issuance of a commemorative stamp for the centenary of the birth of Yma Sumac, which will be launched in Lima within the framework of an official ceremony. Peru Village LA has requested, in turn, the Postal Service of the United States of America to print a commemorative stamp with the image of the singer for the same purpose.

The commemorative week in honor of Yma Sumac will close with an allegorical car in her honor, prepared by Peru Village L.A. for the famous COFECA parade in Los Angeles; which brings together the Latino diasporas, and which will take place on Sunday, September 18, 2022.

The efforts of Peru Village L.A. continue. before the municipal authorities and private entities to specify other actions and events that will be part of the week of homage to the centenary of Yma Sumac in Los Angeles, which will be announced in due course.

The 100 years since the birth of Yma Sumac have an enormous significance for the cultural and musical world for the artistic legacy and the example for the new generations of immigrants, women, minorities and the entire world.

Since its creation, as a representative organization of the Peruvian community in the State of California, Peru Village L.A has carried out a series of cultural promotions and community interest programs. In November 2013 Peru Village L.A. celebrated the "Yma Sumac Forever" tribute as a way to promote the artistic values ​​of the renowned soprano in the world.


The Peru Village L.A. committee responsible for the development of the commemorative program for the centenary of the birth of Yma Sumac is made up of: Milagros Lizárraga - president and CEO, Roberto J. Bustamante - journalist in New York, Carmen Stewart - Vice President, Rocío Carrillo - Secretary, Ruth Espinoza - Former 2nd Vice President, Cecilia Ratzell - Director, Gino Gamboa - Musical Director. The committee is working together with the full PVLA Board. Likewise, to carry out this important task, Peru Village L.A. has the support of public and private entities; of the Consulate General of Peru in Los Angeles - with the Consul General of Peru José Luis Chávez, the Foreign Ministry of Peru, which is coordinating jointly with PVLA to connect live through the internet, some of the events in Los Angeles with some of the events that will take place in Peru.

Peru Village L.A. also has the collaboration of the Hollywood Forever cemetery; the sculptor Martin Espinoza Grajeda; Damon Devine, who accompanied Yma Sumac until the end of her days and is the guardian of her legacy; and Leonardo Baricala - author of exclusive works of art from the image of Yma Sumac for the issue of postal stamps. Devine and Baricala are writing an official review in English and Spanish of Yma Sumac's life based on documents in Devine's possession, which PVLA will help disseminate.

Peru Village L.A. welcomes the support and collaboration of people, public and private organizations that wish to join this well-deserved tribute.

For more information about Peru Village L.A. programs. and the tribute to Yma Sumac 2022, you can visit the website and write to the email 


  • Event: Celebration of the Centenary of the birth of Yma Sumac

  • Date: September 11 - 18, 2022

  • Place: Hollywood - Los Angeles

  • Contact: (323)487-3788