There is a need for a sense of pride, positive self image and well being at many sections of Peru Village's proposed area at Vine St. Besides keeping it clean, murals will be key to help creating a sense of a healthier and safer community.

“Murals create a tangible sense of place, destination, resulting in increased foot traffic while adding color, vibrancy, and character to urban environments. Murals contrast the negative mental health effects of concrete and asphalt, and can have therapeutic benefits for mentally-ill and homeless populations.

Murals bring art into the public sphere, they are accessible to everyone regardless of class, education or ethnicity.

Street art breathes life into walls, it stimulates conversation among communities. Street art is a powerful tool for inspiring, energizing, generating morale and raising the spirits of the public.

It can also reduce crime and instill a sense of pride and “ownership” with the residents of a community.

The best crime deterrent is a neighborhood which projects the image that the people care and will not tolerate criminal behavior. Criminals are discouraged from operating in areas which gives them the feeling that someone will challenge them and turn them in. “  (source: & )

Peru Village L.A. has 2 amazing Peruvian muralists on board: Decertor - Daniel Cortez and Julio Granados. 

Samples of their work around the world, as well as pictures of some walls at Peru Village’s proposed area that we are willing to beautify with our murals are included in this page

Yma 1 .jpeg

Decertor - Daniel Cortez

Julio Granados