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Peru Village L.A. is a non profit organization working towards

the official inclusion of the Peruvian Heritage in the city of L.A. 

through the designation of "Peru Village" in Hollywood

as well as the Revitalization of such an area for the benefit of

the city of Los Angeles, the angelenos and the world.

Founded in December 2012, Peru Village L.A.'s mission is to obtain the official inclusion of the Peruvian Culture in L.A. likewise Thai Town,  Little Armenia, The Salvador Corridor, among others, and to develop the most livable, multicultural, and vibrant place.


The Peruvian American Community proposes to designate the first Peruvian ethnic enclave in Hollywood, which was the gateway of the Peruvian immigrants in the 60s and 70s, to be named “Peru Village.” 

The Contributions of the Peruvian Community  to the economy of L.A. nowadays include expertise and talents across different sectors. These assets include gastronomy, sports, the arts and sciences, cinematography, medicine and a multitude of small businesses. Aside from economic endeavors and enterprises, the Peruvian American Community contributes in cross-cultural expressions that have become a part of the traditions of the City of Los Angeles.


Peru Village L.A. has the official recognition of the U.S. Congress and the Peruvian Congress, it is a partner of L.A. Promise Zone, and was designated a"Cultural Treasure of L.A." by Promise Zone Arts in 2019.

Peru & US Congressional Recognition

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Promise Zone L.A.:  Economic Development
Partnership with Peru Village L.A.

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